My wife, was heading out the door for a meeting, and prior to she could say the inevitable, "I'm hungry" routine with a small whine attached I got active. I experienced currently been considering I was heading to be creating Huevos Rancheros for breakfast. I get a hankering for Mexican meals each now and then and sometimes the urge is so strong I f… Read More

I have been an investor for much more than 4 decades. Throughout this time period, I have watched the inventory market steadily transform by itself from a cathedral of capitalism into a circus freak show. The curious factor about this transformation is that almost no one acknowledges that it has even occurred. Many sick-informed individuals will in… Read More

What did I see final night? Prior to midnight. Did I see a head and shoulders sample? Did a see a symmetrical triangle and a descending triangle? What did I see? Get prepared. Foreign exchange trading is about being ready. You wouldn't leap into a aircraft and strike the begin key.Next and with out a question the most faithful concept sender is the… Read More

The heels on cowboy boots can be brief or tall, strolling heels with a traditional form, a taller riding heel or an undershot 'Cowboy' heel but what does the phrase 'stacked leather heel' truly mean? I have heard that phrase used for many years and was unsure. Following all, most leather is gentle and supple. How could it be 'stacked' to form a boo… Read More

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